Current WKHC Pandemic Protocols – Updated Nov 1, 2021

  • Entry is not permitted to anyone who is ill, experiencing cold, flu or COVID-19 virus symptoms, or has been exposed to anyone experiencing symptoms, is in a high-risk group, has travelled out of the country, is awaiting COVID test results or has participated in unsafe, unmasked, unvaccinated gatherings. Team staff are responsible for monitoring this. Participant will be denied entry and/or removed from the facility.
  • Anyone entering the building must have submitted an online waiver in advance. No completing waivers at the door.
  • Anyone entering must be on their group’s pre-submitted roster to be eligible to enter. No adding participants at the door. Groups are responsible for keeping attendance.
  • Masks are required at all times inside the building – ALL AGES. If a youth must remove their helmet, a mask must be put on immediately. Bench coaches, bench helpers, timekeeper, scorekeeper, Covid Ambassadors must be masked at all times.
  • All customers 12+yrs must present their BC Vaccine Card proving they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19; those 18+ must also present Gov’t ID.
  • All teams & groups must have a Covid Ambassador at the door assisting with health, vaccine & ID checks. Teams will not be permitted to enter until a CA is present & verified documents.
  • Facility is currently closed to spectators until further notice.
  • Participants waiting to enter the building must line up physically distanced outside.
  • Doors & dressing rooms will open 20 minutes prior to ice time for all youth groups including minor hockey, ringette, privates & 30 minutes for Adult Groups.
  • Proof of Fully Vaccinated & Gov’t Photo ID will be checked prior to entry. Customers should have all their gear with them when showing their documents as they must immediately proceed to their assigned dressing room. (If a customer needs to return to their vehicle to collect a forgotten item, they will be required to line up and show their documents again before entering). 
  • Arrive on time! Once session starts, doors are locked. Staff will not be opening doors for late arrivals.
  • Participants must use wall-mounted hand sanitizer upon entry & exit.
  • Participants will make their way, single-file, distanced, to their assigned dressing room as physical distancing is required inside and outside the facility.
  • Remain in dressing room until your scheduled ice time. No wandering!
  • Children are not to be left unattended at anytime. Adult supervisor must be present.
  • No spitting at any time anywhere in the building or on the ice.
  • Sharing of water bottles or equipment is prohibited. Food is not permitted.

We recognize that during this difficult, challenging and continually changing period, frustration levels can be high and everyone has their own opinions regarding health protocols, etc. As a private business, given the unique layout of our facility, limited capacity, and our commitment to keeping our customers and our staff safe, the pandemic protocols we have established and are currently following, are not open for debate or negotiation, and customers choosing to use our facility, do so, agreeing to accept these protocols without dissent. Abusive and belligerent behaviour expressed towards our staff or other customers will not be tolerated at any time and will result in immediate expulsion from our building, with forfeiture of any fees paid and may result in future suspension from our facility.